The first victim from the earthquake in Tirana is noted, a 20-year-old girl died in hospital

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A tragic news comes from the Trauma hospital, where 20-year-old Xesika Biqiku, who was in a coma for three days because of severe head injuries from falling bricks during the November 26 earthquake, died. She lived in a building in Kombinat, where during the tremors, together with her family, they had tried to leave the apartment where they lived, but as fate would have it, Jessica could not succeed.

Meanwhile, this morning her father, Ilia Biqiku, also met with Prime Minister Rama at the Kombinati area. A sad prayer was made by him towards the Prime Minister as he asked him to send the girl to Italy.

“I have the baby in the hospital, in intensive care. Now the doctors are sitting, the Italian and the Albanian, thank you very much, I mentioned something to them, the Italians say we will take him to Italy. I have my big sister, Sabina, out of danger, she is crippled. (crying) Also, talk some good talk to take my girlfriend, to turn 20 years old”, said Jessica’s father between tears.

Jessica Biqiku was expected to leave by helicopter to Italy two days ago, but her serious condition did not make such a thing possible. The group of Italian doctors, after seeing her state of health, estimated that a movement of the 20-year-old girl’s body to be transported by helicopter would be fatal. Although the doctors tried to keep Jessica alive, she couldn’t do it. According to her father, the young woman had multiple head injuries that also affected her brain.

The number of victims from the earthquake reaches 51, 20-year-old Xhesika Biqiku dies in the trauma hospital. She was in a coma for three days. The 20-year-old had an accident at the time of the earthquake, as she was trying to leave when a brick fell on her head.


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