Pain and tears, farewell is being said to the members of the Lala family

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Dressed in black. This is how Durrës conveys today the victims of the tragedy of the catastrophic earthquake that shook the country on the morning of Tuesday, November 26. People in black, black cars to pay their last respects to the 8 members of the Lala family who could not hold the ground and died under the ruins of their apartment in the area of Kêneta in Durrës. The pain exceeds the limits for their relatives but also for every Albanian who these days lived every minute with their anxiety. Eight coffins will appear today in front of the relatives and citizens of Durrës to be escorted to their last residence.

Grandmother Sahadetja, son Iliri, daughter-in-law Marjeta, granddaughter Grisilda, Marjeta’s children, Amelia, Emilio, Dionisa and Enisi will pass today for the last time in the city that welcomed them and took them forever.

The only survivor of this family is Ramë Lala, who has gone to Italy for specialized treatment.

The President of the Republic Ilir Meta and Prime Minister Edi Rama, accompanied by Minister Blendi Çuçi, are also present at the tributes that are being held at the Palace of Culture in Durrës.

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