Ilir Meta: The adventures of this adventurer have ended once and for all

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The head of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, was yesterday evening invited to the show Write on Ice on Zjarr TV, where he spoke about the local elections which will be held on May 14.

Convinced of the victory of the Together We Win coalition, Ilir Meta said that on May 14, Albanians will be saved from this irresponsible and inhumane sect that keeps the blackest records for the removal of our Albanians, our sisters and brothers.

Asked by Ismet Drishti that he does not answer the prime minister when he says that the Albanians fell in Ilir Meta’s lap, the head of the PL states that:

“The president was worried that the democrats were supposedly voting for the left, this first of all causes great humor within the Socialist Party itself, which will give the best answer to this adventurer. His games of diversion within the opposition have ended once and for all.

The “Bashke Fitojme” coalition is an iron coalition as it is based on principles that serve the country, serve the citizens and will establish constitutionality and political pluralism once and for all, eradicating its disgusting monism.”

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