“Niko doesn’t sleep better since he went to SPAK, no one approaches Delina for fear of eating a nail” – Gjekmarkaj’s satire: Xhaçka dreams of plucking off Gaz Bardhi’s beard

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Ogi has thought about it for a long time. She has come to the conclusion that seriousness is man’s best friend. You don’t know where to make a joke, it’s better not to do it. Speak only when you need to, and if possible, don’t speak at all.

Ulsia always looks like someone who has eaten stale food, and smiles only after the day is over.

Appearing to be suffering has worked for him. Pride in politics is an open grave. He loves life, he will not “die” young.

Niko Nikoqiri does not sleep well after going to Spak, the night is wet, sweat falls like rain, he talks in his sleep, “no, no, don’t come near me, I will jump…”! Those who know how to calm him down throw a few metal coins on the floor, the ringing of which soothes him and then he sleeps like a willow in the remaining hours.

Auntie, this bearer of virtue, feels the rush of time galloping away and a general murmur goes through her entire body.

From time to time he makes frantic efforts to prove to himself and others that it (time) stops.

Poor Anila has forgotten who she is and why she is! Even we ask from time to time where we have seen it? After the promise of 6 million cows, it would be good to save some 6-7 eyes. Deborah’s hair never melts, but she melts us every now and then with her cuteness as the most harmless minister.

One day Ciu came and a bag of words rained down on us like hailstones, the minutes flew by, but the talk did not end about Albania after Europe.

Bela increasingly believes that they are afraid of her, she enjoys it more than they love her. They say that he talks like a mace and has a grave hand, so it makes him angry. Tao has realized that mystery is more important than truth. Appearance more than substance. Worry should not dominate the smile. He shows Beles a smile and they both laugh like chaste and “naive” fools.

Gonxhe is not hatching anything! He is not there to think, hear or speak. Just a hand is enough. I sign with him from time to time. Delina has gained a new status. No one dares to disturb it anymore for fear of eating a nail in a bad place. She doesn’t talk and we don’t talk anymore. The salian who is afraid of what might happen to him from behind always carries a bag when he goes out.

Maznik takes the rabbit with the cart and seems to have loaded it well. He comes once every six months like everyone who deals with big and not small jobs. I try not to give myself that he has merzitira.

Clotilda is promoting herself by praising others. One day he said that Klos’s speeches should be collected, preserved and published as high models of political rhetoric with which tomorrow’s kalamakheri will be educated.

One day, Majko became melancholic, a new wrinkle on Etilde’s forehead turned her into envy for Toni, who has neither on his face nor on his head, despite the fact that he tries with his hands and feet to take on the blessed leadership role.

Ah yes, Mamica, like an open poem, turns up and down, always in dilemmas, whether others should also speak or she is the only one left when her friends get under the table. Only Ed Paloka doesn’t listen to him, he sends insults from below!

Mimi di Puccini reminds us all that he has seen and heard a lot in life and that another day is coming. She talks to God from time to time. He trusts her with the secrets that she rents to anyone, telling him to open his mouth, and then he puts in a lokum.

Chuçi always has a refrain, bereqavers, bereqavers cry, cry.

Shalsi is very happy for his age. He can cry at funny things and laugh at stupid things if he wants to. The refrigerator keeps the temperature low.

Damua knows from the Bible which says love your enemy as yourself. I don’t know who to choose first Tao or Klos. Our Leader Muli told the Prime Minister, never lose faith, he keeps you and gives you strength. Yes, Damua wants the egg today, not the chicken.

Olta sees the world from below as a repetition of history, and the people on her side look even below her. Enderron perhumbazi occasionally plucked the beard of Gaz Bardhi, who has his hair full of money.

Little Braçe needs to stand out, often speaks Celtic, without understanding Babo’s need for hostile groups. It is not surprising that Xhafa, Braçe and the patriot Majko and some others fulfilled the conditions in the end. Xhemali and Nasipi have understood this and say that in the good future open the door, in the bad future the opening has nothing to do.

Ben Pllumi disguises himself with a new beard. Laerti caresses the old tears. Ermua against the evil eye recently wears striped pants as a sommelier as a sacrifice for the party. Kostaqi of Gramozi and Lindite is expected to be declared an aesthete, not a toast by himself. Jorushi has long seemed like a longing memory. Someone insisted in front of the Assembly that I want to meet Igli Taren, but what is the business of the blessed man here?! Yes, he is the foreign minister and he must convey some visions!!

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